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Termite Control Services

When should I get termite treatment for my premise?

Termites happen to be particularly troublesome pests during the same time that they has the ability cause serious damage to your home or workplace, as well as happen to be notoriously difficult to get rid that belongs to. Often, they thrive discreetly as well as inside of inaccessible spots. do-it-yourself anti-termite treatments such as termite spray might not exist as a able to treat termite infestation at the root level, especially inside of the case that belongs to large termite colonies. Getting termite treatment that was by an existing expert pest control brand happens to be the best way to remove termites that was by your property as well as safeguarding your precious belongings.

Flying termites inside of the house or emerging that was by the foundation that belongs to an existing wall indicates an existing termite infestation which needs immediate treatment. Other signs that belongs to infestation include mud tubes on top of walls, hollow sounding woodwork, damaged wood / wooden furniture as well as discarded termite wings. We also recommend regular monitoring that belongs to your property as well as surroundings to keep them unfavorable that is going to belong to termite infestation.

  • Termiseal is minimally invasive as nominal drilling is required.
  • Sreepesto Solutions uses a unique and exclusive technology called Termatrac to detect termites using thermal imaging.
  • We offer free re-treatment in case of resurgence of infestation.
  • All chemicals used are govt. registered & approved.


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